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Welcome to Pixel Boy Studio, home of web design in Hartlepool. We work alongside your business or brand to develop a highly effective website. We don’t just stop there… we can design your business cards, flyers and anything graphic design based and guess what we can even print!

We won’t tell you that designing a website is like making a cuppa soup. That’s awful.We will however design a stunning website that you can update.

Website Designer Hartlepool

If you’re looking for a web designer in Hartlepool, you’ve came to the right spot. Pixel Boy has over 6 years experience in website design.

What About Website Redesign in Hartlepool?

We can help with website redesign. We’ve redesigned numerous companies whether it be small changes or updating the website to make the design responsive. Google now takes into consideration if your website is responsive!

What’s so important about Designing A Website?

In this day of age if you don’t have a website you’re missing out massively!

Imagine your website as your store front. Your store front may be limited by your location but your website is your store front on the biggest high street ever. You’re literally opening up to billions of customers 24/7!

So Why Does Design Matter

Imagine your store front is all beaten with chipped paint. No one is going to want to go into your store! This is much like a poorly designed website!
Don’t worry we can help. We know what works and how to get the most out of your design. Whether it be based around minimalism or a massive design!

Welcome To The Revolution of Design

Pixel Boy

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What We Do

Pixel Boy Studios works alongside your company to develop a cost effective marketing strategy.

Website Design
Our Website Design team have over 6 years experience in the web design industry. We stick to the latest web technologies to keep your website up to date.
Looking to gain an audience? Have no idea where to start with Google Analytics? Not getting that return on investment you were hoping with your adverts?
Social Media Campaigns
Not getting the engagement you used to on Facebook? Haven't Tweeted since last year? Don't know where to start with Instagram or Snapchat? We're here for you!

Who We Are

Pixel Boy Studios was formed in 2015, we're already making a big impact and helping our clients follow in our footsteps.


In 2015 Pixel Boy started up as a small website design business. After only a short few months we grew to cover all digital marketing needs and then some!

We focus on delivering high end content that shows results. From a simple Facebook advert to a high end website, we have you covered.

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