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Pixel Boy Ltd will no longer be taking on any new projects and we are now officially in the process of winding down the agency.

Why are we closing? Is it down to a falling out? Is the business failing? An oversaturated market? Or maybe it’s the impending doom of Brexit? Nope.

In fact, this year has been one of our best! We helped two clients surpass the £1,000,000 mark in eCommerce, one of which reached £2.2 million in one year (a growth of 175% from the previous year). We finished our first year with Nettl, a business model that other local agencies failed to make work in our town and our own business enquiries have doubled!

In short; after a long discussion we decided to call it a day and focus on other projects. We’ve already contacted our existing client list but if you missed it, please email hello@danmcgovern.co.uk and we’ll be happy to discuss our strategy moving forward. 

The majority of our existing clients will still be supported by Dan and he will also be taking new clients on from the beginning of September. More information will be available at danmcgovern.co.uk shortly.

If you’d like to discuss a new project please email hello@danmcgovern.co.uk

Thank You!

The past 4 years have been amazing and none of this would be possible without our clients! We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us along this journey, every comment, page like, post share has meant the world to us.