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Are You on Instagram?

Instagram, another one of them crazy apps all these kids are using! Or… Instagram, that killer app that teens are using to make serious £££ by selling online! (Seriously some 15 year old kid is making a killing right now because he’s advertising in the year he should be!) Whilst your engagement is dropping on Facebook, your competitor is making a killing by using Instagram! We’ve said it a thousand times but you really should be branching out on all platforms.

Don’t worry! As always, we’ve got you covered…

Here’s some tips to help your business beat it’s chest onto Instagram.

1.Use a Link Tracker / URL Shortener.

The main reason no one is taking Instagram serious at the moment is because you can’t use URL’s on posts, unlike Facebook and Twitter; so, you can’t track how well one post is doing! You’ve probably seen it on posts before “link in bio” – this being the only way you can gain attention to an URL (unless you’re paying for an advert on Instagram).  What makes it even more difficult… Google analytics can’t actually trace the link from Instagram! Use a service like to link the domain in your bio. This will help track how well your instagram is doing.

2.It’s Hip To Be Square

Okay, although Instagram has allowed all shapes and sizes of images on the app, square is still the most effective. Make sure you’re images are square they’ll show nicely on your profile as opposed to cutting anything off.

3.Your Bio Link Matters!

As mentioned in point 1, you link back to your content through your bio link. It’s cool to change this from time to time, say you have a unique offer on your website or an awesome new blog – link to it!

4.Hashtag ### = £££

So we mentioned the kids making serious money on Instagram… How you ask? Hashtags! Them things we discussed on our Twitter post. Hashtags are your friend. Got some killer clothing for sale HASHTAG IT! Hashtag the kind of clothing (#trainers), hashtag the brand (#nike / #adidas / #vans) & hashtag the use / audience (if I’m looking for some new running shoes and you’ve recently hashtagged “running” with a slick picture of some trainers. Guess who’s popping up on my feed?)

5.Video Content is Still Important!

I don’t care what anyone is saying. Video content is massive. It’s huge and you’re ignoring it! Doesn’t make sense does it? Bring your brand to life with a video!

6.Making Your Own Content? Make it Count!

If you’re making your own content you’re going to want to make it shareable. Why? Instagram offers a cool “share to Facebook” on any page. Other than that, people might screenshot your content and repost it. Think it’s going to happen? Leave a brand make on it!

7.Inspiration Quotes, You Can Do It!

We live in an age where people need to be inspired quite a lot. When we feel down we tend to look at some creative industries on Instagram to help us kick start our brains again. If you’re posting relative content (inspirational quotes built around your customers), you’re going to kill Instagram. People will want to keep you in their feed to help them get through the day!

8.Target Your Audience.

Instagram offers an ad service. You can actually do this through Facebook, cool ey? Stuck for advertising ideas? Check out this post.

9.It’s Not Just All About The Sales…

Whilst Instagram can be a powerful sales tool, don’t just push sales. Give some free advice, Showcase your previous work, add a nice hand written testimonial from a client! Make sure you get your brands story across and show that you’re all human and not robots!

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