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How Businesses are already using Pokemon GO to increase sales!

Pokemon GO has been out in the UK for just over one week now and it’s HUGE! Even before the release date people were creating fake U.S Apple accounts, and downloading the files for android just to jump into the AR world of Pokemon. So how are businesses increasing sales with the new app?

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is the latest AR (augemented reality) app that fills your world with Pokemon. Using your GPS and your phones camera you can travel around the world (literally) to capture Pokemon. The ultimate goal of the app is to “catch ’em all”.

The app uses historical building and other landmarks to place gyms and Pokestops in the real world. Over the road from our office is a church that has become a Pokestop. Pokestops will give users of the app free items such as Pokeballs or potions. You can also attach Lures to Pokestops to attract Pokemon, lures will turn the Pokestop from blue to purple, other users can see this and will benefit from the lure. Gyms are basically fighting grounds where teams battle it out to own the landmark.

Adding A Lure To Our Closest Pokestop

Adding A Lure To Our Closest Pokestop

Pokemon GO has had mixed reviews, but personally we feel like it’s a brilliant idea, why?

  1. It gets kids out of the house, making them more active
  2. It has a social aspect towards it
  3. Businesses can literally make a fortune from it.

Yup, you read that right. Businesses can make money from a “kids game”…

Why Pokemon GO is not just a “kids game”.

Pokemon first aired back in April 1997, nearly 20 years ago. It was HUGE! It grew from a TV series, to a card game, video games and they even had a hit movie! I remember back in my school days bringing Pokemon cards or my Gameboy with the trade cable for “toy day”. Everyone had Pokemon, it was all the rage. Obviously as i grew older the hype burnt out, but Pokemon still continued through my brothers generation and my nephews!

Pokemon has the nostalgic value to pull in a wider audience!

Pokemon GO features the first 151 Pokemon, why is this such a big deal? Because they’ve hit on nostalgia. How many of you on those “lazy days” have turned on Netflix, seen an old TV show you used to watch and put it on just because of nostalgia? A lot. Never underestimate nostalgia.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m 24 years old or one of those “millennials”. Millennials are a massive target audience for businesses and many companies target their Facebook ads towards them. Well guess where they’re all at now… Pokemon GO and they’re not alone. My age range may of been watching the cartoons, the teens were playing the video games. This opens the market even further up to 35 year olds!

Why you should use Pokemon GO for your business.

I’m going to pull up an older article we wrote about advertising in your year. Read it. Save it. Go back to it every time you’re about to make a call on advertising. It all breaks down to marketing where the attention is. If you have the capability to get onto Pokemon GO now, do it.

How you can use Pokemon GO for your business.

About a week ago I was at a pub that was classed as a Pokestop. I placed a lure on it and joked on with other users “I’ll place another lure if someone buys me a pint!” Since then the same pub has started to run a Facebook competition, once they reach a set amount of likes they will activate a Lure everyday. So they create more exposure over Facebook whilst also increasing the punters on the days the Lure is active. It’s a win/win situation.

I’ll lay down some other ideas we’ve had, feel free to use them!

1.Show the world what Pokemon you have to offer

Believe it or not, there’s apps out there now that pinpoint where rare Pokemon are appearing. For all you know you could be sat on one. If one lands, take a photo and showcase what’s available in your store/bar/restaurant etc.

Struggling to find any Pokemon? If you’re not lucky enough to be by a Pokestop place an incense down. This way it brings Pokemon to you much faster.

Okay, we'll admit it's not the best Pokemon, but our near by Pokemon suck and we had limited time!

Okay, we’ll admit it’s not the best Pokemon, but our near by Pokemon suck and we had limited time!

2. Get visitors to showcase what they’ve caught in your establishment!

You might of made them a lovely pasta, but they’re more likely to share it if there’s a Blastoise hovering over the dish! Add an incentive such as a free meal for whoever posts a picture of the craziest Pokemon they found in your establishment.


courtesy of

3. Create your own Pocket Monster.

You can’t actually create your own Pokemon, but you can do some editing with Photoshop. Share it on social media and get some conversations running. Here’s one we did earlier…

Create Your Own Pokemon Pokemon Go

Huh? Pixel Boy is in Pokemon GO?

4.Create one of those meme’s us kids are always banging on about.

We’ve said it a million times. Meme’s are brilliant and creating meme’s that are relevant with the times will get you shares! More shares on that Facebook page of yours and you’ll be reaching out to more potential customers.

Pokemon Go Meme

We found this meme on the web courtesy of

5.If you’re near a Pokestop USE LURES!

This is the real money bringer, it’s getting people in seats if you’re near a Pokestop. People will stop by to your establishment if you’re attracting Pokemon and offering to keep up the service in return for their custom!

How To Use Pokemon Go For Business

Lure Modules are key if your business is by a Pokestop.

What are you waiting for?

Download the app now! Brush up on your Pokemon knowledge and follow the hype!

Good Luck!

We’re hoping to see the Pokemon GO creators open up applications for gyms/pokestops in the near future as it’s a HUGE marketing tool that could not go a miss! There’s been a recent leak on how Mcdonald’s are planning to sponsor Pokemon GO in Asia. This would be a huge but limited opportunity to dive into for businesses.