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Instagram Didn’t Kill Snapchat.

You know a post is overdue when a client calls you and asks when you’ll be posting about a subject!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks you’ll have seen Instagram made a very bold move and introduced “stories” to their app. Normally we’d be all over it. Covering a post, shouting about it on social media. This time we decided to just watch.

When it comes to any new social media platform/update it’s always better to wait. Before making a post we like to see how things pan out. Well guess what, we’ve finished watching. So here’s our input on the whole “Instagram has destroyed Snapchat” argument…

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories rolled out about two weeks ago. Instagram stories allows users to share photos and videos with followers that only lasts for 24 hours. This may sound familiar if you’ve been using Snapchat.

Facebook & Snapchat’s Brief History

It’s no secret that Facebook, owners of Instagram, had seen the niche in Snapchat. To understand why this made Instagram’s bold move even more daring have a look at the brief history…

October 6, 2010  – Instagram’s official release

September 2011 – Snapchat’s official release created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were students at Stanford University.

April 2012 – Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

End of 2012 – The Zuck flys out to meet Evan Spielberg, tells him and Snapchat’s founders that Facebook planned to release a nearly identical app a few days later. “It was basically like, ‘We’re going to crush you,'” Spiegel told Forbes about the meeting. That app was Facebook Poke, haven’t heard of it? It was a huge flop!

December 2012 – Poke launches. With Poke you could send messages, photos and videos to friends that expired within seconds of them being opened. Sound familiar?

May 2013 – Facebook shuts down Poke.

November 2013 – Snapchat turns down a $3 billion cash offer from Facebook.

December 2013 – Instagram launches direct messages. It’s important to remember here that Snapchat was very private at the time. You could only send photos / videos to people you selected. Instagram was very public you could only post images to all your followers. Direct messaging changed this.

June 2014 – Facebook releases Slingshot. Slingshot was not a direct copy of Snapchat like it’s failed brother Poke. In Slingshot the user would have to reply to a message before they could actually see the content sent. This feature was removed within a few months.

September 2014 – Snapchat stories is born.

December 2015 – Facebook removed Slingshot from all App stores.

August 2016 – Instagram stories is launched.

Why Instagram Stories Will Not Be The Death of Snapchat.


Snapchat may only be the baby of the bunch when it comes to social media platforms, however it has grew massively. Just two months ago Snapchat had grew to have more daily active users than Twitter. How many people still use Twitter, even if it’s simply automating tweets?

Users will still remain on Snapchat for two reasons.
1) They’ve invested time in building an audience. Why would they simply leave that audience because of an app update?

2) When it comes to apps people get “romantic”.

By romantic I mean the die hard fans. I swear to god I would still be on Myspace today if the platform did not completely change!

It’s already evident that the die hard fans of Snapchat are there, and guess what? They’re furious about Instagram’s new update…


What’s Happened Since Launch.

It’s been two weeks since the update launched and we’ve noticed an equal share of content. Most users seem to be delivering on both platforms. Similar content but spreading out between two audiences.

We’ve also noticed a lot of users putting text on videos such as “follow me on Snapchat for more”, then adding their username.


Our Verdict.

Snapchat won’t die. When you look at using social media platforms for content Snapchat is in a different league to Instagram. Why? Because it’s “fun content”.

Snapchat can be used to show a more laid back side of a business whilst Instagram is very serious. I’ve witnessed companies (as well as plain users) remove content just because it hasn’t received enough likes. Sure, this behaviour may pass over to Insta, however I think people are more concerned with their image on the platform.