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Nostalgia Wins. Always.

Back when we all had custom Myspace profiles and lived on MSN messenger, Hartlepool’s music scene was really kicking off. In my teenage angst, I grew to fall in love with the post-hardcore/emo/metal scene that was forming around that time. If I wasn’t trying to smuggle my way into a gig due to being underage, I’d be downloading the majority of local bands music through PureVolume and uploading it straight to my iPod and “ripping” the streets of Hartlepool on my skateboard.

Now fast-forward 13 years back into the present. The music scene in Hartlepool is a little different, I spend most of my weekends working and there’s no way I could get back on a skateboard! However, a few weeks ago an event popped up on Facebook “The Emo Throwback All-Dayer (featuring TwoDayLate + more) 2/9/17”. This event was shared between my friends and the comments started filling up from faces long forgotten. The event organisers had tapped into something that’s become HUGE over the past few years.

Two Day Late Reunion Gig

Emo Throwback Gig poster. Image courtesy of Look Who’s Talking


Nostalgia Marketing

I want you to think back over the last year. How many blasts from the past have we seen? Pokémon Go, Stranger Things, SNES mini, Crash Bandicoot, Star Wars… You get the picture. It’s like we’re living in the past again. Nostalgia marketing is becoming more and more popular. Large brands are cashing in on their archives and making an absolute killing.

What Is Nostalgia Marketing?

Nostalgia marketing taps into our older memories to bring back emotions we may have felt from a product, event, service or advertising campaign. Remember the Sunny D kids from the 90’s?


How To Use Nostalgia Marketing For Your Business

You don’t have to be a large business with a back log of content to join in on nostalgia marketing. Here are just a few ways you can incorporate nostalgia into your business marketing plan!

Throw Back Thursdays #TBT

You’ve seen it a million times from large brands and the general public. Throwbacks can be great fun.

But what if you’ve just started out? Well, share a throwback of yourself or a member of staff! This works even better if they have some nostalgic product for your audience to relate to.

Recycle old content

You’ve heard it a million times “Content is King”. This goes for any marketing plan. I aim to churn out as much content as possible for Pixel Boy. Whilst doing so it creates a back log that documents the history of the company. Remember that time we backed Periscope and Snapchat? In all fairness, Instagram literally stole both of these platforms.

Bring Nostalgia To New Platforms

This one’s a little crazy, but hear me out! There are tonnes of platforms where you can create or share nostalgic content. Instagram & Snapchat offer a tonne of filters that can bring back memories. There’s also a bunch of apps that let you put filters onto your video content, you could use this to produce 80’s style video content similar to Stranger Things! You’ve also got Anchor, the new podcast platform that allows you to create your own radio station. Remember radio?

We recently launched our own newsletter that we’ve kept in the format of a newspaper.


Nostalgia marketing is said to be the key to targeting “millennials”. How? Well, the truth is, reminiscing the past brings back fond memories which make us smile. This leaves us open to a brand message instantly. When we become passionate about something, when we feel or care for it, we’re much more likely to act towards it. More importantly, when your business shares something from the past that people can relate to it humanises your brand. This, in turn, makes customers believe they have a strong connection with your company!

Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia can take us so far back it’s unbelievable! Here’s me having a fun time at the Throwback gig thinking I’m 14 again. Image by Carn Patrick.

Finally, I’d like to give a big shout out to everyone who played the Throwback gig at the weekend. There’s no denying your music shaped me into the person I am today, and for that, I’m extremely grateful. Here are a few of the videos I recorded from the gig!


October’s Last

Two Day Late

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