In 2018 we partnered with Nettl, granting us the title Nettl of Hartlepool!

Nettl is a partnership with over 150 design studios across the UK. This allows us to expand our services and offer a more robust platform to our clients.

You’ve Missed Us Right?

The 28th of September seems like forever ago, that was when we announced we’d be posting our last blog post ever…
On our old website. Well,after a few technical issues and a lot of other work commitments, we are finally back!

So what’s new with Pixel Boy?

Okay, it’s nearly been three months and a lot has happened. How much? Well we’ll go through the things we announced on Facebook:


You may have read about our new hosting services that will be coming up… This is a game changer for us! After careful consideration, we decided to leave our current servers behind. To be at the forefront of website design we have to be able to offer the best! Now don’t get us wrong, our previous servers were great for the time being, but we have to look into the future!

We want all of our clients to grow, and as that growth took place, some of our clients were feeling the strain. We decided now was the best time to invest in the future. So what does it mean to you?

Our new servers will provide:
1) Faster website load speeds
2) Higher resources for your website
3) The latest web technology
4) Tighter security
5) Unlimited space on your email accounts (previously at 400mb)
6) The option to purchase new domain names directly from us

Clients will also be able to manage their own hosting panel, so you won’t have to wait for us to add email accounts and other things. Don’t panic if you’re not confident we can still offer this service at no extra cost! This also lets Pixel Boy expand a little further, we can now offer reseller hosting to other website design agency, freelancers or digital marketers.

The New Website

We’ve stripped everything and we mean everything. The Pixel Boy website had become quite popular in the short space of a year (actually 9 months). Our blogs received a lot of attention (around 500+ views per post) and it was starting to slow down the site.

We also know how busy you business owners can be! So we’ve opted for a one-page website. The one-page website features everything the last website did except we’ve simplified it and squeezed it all on one page (except for the blogs, that would be a really long page).

It’s also super mobile friendly for you guys who want to check up on us on the go!

The Blogs & The Second Website

We mentioned a secondary website ( which is coming real soon! We also mentioned porting all of our social media tips over to the second website and solely blog about website design on here. That’s changed.

Originally the design of this site was intended for Pixel Boy Studios. However, because of us expanding our hosting services we needed to face the facts, a one-page website would not cut the cake! But we’d spent all this time building this website, the simple solution was to switch it up!

Pixel Boy Studios will now be the home of everything website design! You will be able to purchase domains, hosting and ask for a quote for our services or alternatively use a free website builder to build your own website! Oh, we’ll also be throwing together some tips on how to help you with your website.

The website you’re viewing now will feature all the great content you loved on the old website! Although the website will focus primarily on digital marketing, you’ll still be able to get a quote for website design.

The PB Show

If there’s one thing we love, it’s content! Back in April we posted a short “intro” to The PB Show, the idea behind this was simple: We already delivered tips to you through our blog content, however, we wanted to deliver these tips to you using the best methods. We quickly distinguished that video content would be the best method. Unfortunately, it became time-consuming between building websites and travelling around delivering workshops!

So what now?  The PB Show will be starting again in 2017! But with a twist, we’re planning on expanding the show to feature what we’ve been up to as well as a simple Q&A at the end. We’ll answer the few questions we received and any posted on social media, emailed to us or commented below so get asking!

Extended Team

A solid team is the core of any business. That’s why we took our application process so seriously! When we posted one available position within the company, we received over 35 applications. We managed to dwindle it down to 8 applicants and boy was it tough! After careful consideration, we decided to open up another position. You may have noticed Liam & Emily on our team section, we plan to introduce them further in a future post!

What’s Next?

We’re not slowing down, that’s for sure! We’re currently planning marketing strategies for our clients in 2017. We’re also looking into a few social platforms we’ll probably blog about at some point!

For now, we’ll be shutting our doors on the 22nd and will be back on the 3rd ready to kick off 2017. Expect more content, more websites and more workshops! Oh and we might have a few surprises up our sleeves!




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