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Shop Local: Why You Should Buy From Small Businesses This Christmas

It’s no secret, small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy. In 2016, there were 5.5 million businesses in the UK and over 99% of these businesses were small or medium-sized  – employing 0-249 people.

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s going to be a huge surge in shopping! We’ve put together a few reasons why we believe you should consider small businesses over larger corporations:

1. Buying from a small business boosts the local economy.

Why you should buy from small businesses!

When you support a local small business, you’re also supporting the local area. Small business owners pay rates to the local council, this money then goes towards improvements and services within the businesses area! The business owner is also more likely to spend their income on other local businesses. However, if you choose to buy from a corporate chain it’s likely the money will go elsewhere and won’t benefit the community at all.

2. You’ll find unique personalised gifts!

Small Businesses Custom Products

Small Businesses tend to be able to customise products around you! Here’s a photo of one of our clients products. Photo courtesy of Dreambox Custom Toy Boxes.

Ever received a duplicate present? Sucks right?  Small business owners tend to invest in locally made products that are unique. This means there’s less chance of buying a similar Christmas present! Better yet, you’re more likely to receive a personalised product. Let’s say you see a really nifty toy box you want to buy for a member of the family, it’s more than likely that you can ask the owner to customise the box with the child’s name or favourite character to make it more personal!


3. Know the people behind the product or service.

Small Business Owner

Getting to know the person behind the business!

Small business owners literally live and breathe for their business. If they’re not out working in the store or at the office they’re probably thinking of what the next stage is for their business. With local businesses, you tend to deal with the owner of the company. You’ll build a relationship with them as you learn about their products. This means they’ll be able to recommend products you may not have thought about yourself!

4. Small Businesses will give you the best deal.

Small Businesses Give You The Best Deal

Small businesses hold a wealth of knowledge on their products you won’t receive from large corporations!

We know the product, we know the markup and we know what we can offer within your budget! Small businesses aren’t controlled by global offices, this means we can give an accurate price for the area we’re in. We can also amend pricing if need be. Buying in bulk? You’re more likely to save money with a small business!

5.You’ll receive the best service ever.

Reviews For Pixel Boy

Reviews are crucial for small businesses!

Word of mouth is crucial for small businesses and with the rise of social media (word of mouth on steroids) it’s now even more important we focus on delivering the best service ever. If we deliver a great service it’s likely the customer or client will pass us on to a friend! That’s why small business owners aim for perfection every time.

How to support small businesses.

Supporting small businesses can be anything from buying a product to sharing a status. Here are a few ways you can help support small businesses:

  1. Check out their products, if you like it buy it!
  2. Follow them on social media.
  3. Received a great service? Review the business on social media!
  4. See a status on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Share it.
  5. Recommend the business to friends.

Run a small business?

If you’re looking for that extra push feel free to drop us a message! We also have tonnes of free advice on social media you can read up on, check out our blog.